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If you want to start as etoro partner then you must know all about etoro partners information, below is all about etoro partners questions:

What is eToro Partners?

eToro Partners is the partners program that offers monetary payment for traffic directed to eToro from the affiliate’s/IB’s online sources (e. g. website, blog, social networks, etc.) and/or offline activities. Becoming an eToro partner entitles you to a share of the profits your traders bring to the company. It is an effective way to earn money from your traffic. Simply use any available marketing material (e. g. direct links, banners, mailer, etc.) for your online and offline activities. To find out more about eToro Partners, please click here

What is DCPA (Dynamic Cost per Acquisition)?

The DCPA rewards you with up to $200 for each new depositing trader you refer to eToro, with your commission being equal to the first deposit amount of the referred user.

How do I create serial IDs?

To create a serial ID click on “Custom Links” in the left side menu of your partner account. Then proceed to choose the type of link and your serial ID (recommended for tracking).

Why do I need to verify my account?

The verification of your trading account is required so that we can provide you a better service, and comply with financial service regulations.

Your information is always kept confidential, and is only used for compliance purposes.

The following are required in order to complete your account verification:

  • Government issued ID (front and back scanned colored copies are required)
  • Phone number verification mandatory


In order to avoid any account limitations, all clients should be verified as soon as possible.

At any point, eToro may request additional identification documents.

To verify your account, please click HERE.

How can I contact eToro?

Do you have a question about your account or need further assistance?

Have you encountered an unexplained error?

Maybe you have a suggestion for a new feature.

Our Customer Service department is here to assist.

You can contact us by:

1) Opening a support ticket.

2)  Asking questions on eToro’s Customer Service Wall (available 24×5).

* Chat and ticket are available from market opening to market closing time.

Make sure to contact us from your registered email address.

In case the system is down, kindly use our Offline website to manage your trades.

How do I change my password?

In order to change your password, please follow the instructions below:

  • Log into your Account Settings via the following link:
  • Select the ‘Account’ option
  • Click ‘Change’ next to the Password field in the ‘credentials’ tab
  • Enter all the requested details and click ‘Submit.’

Trading Credits

Welcome to the exciting world of Social Trading!

Do you wish to receive a special promotion offer?

We are offering eToro credits plans and incentives to our traders.

Simply select any one of our promotions!

Couldn’t find any offer?  Come to live chat and ask about a deposit bonus.

Who knows, perhaps there is a special bonus waiting just for you…

Live Charts

The Charts enable traders to view an interactive graph of the currency pair of their choice. The charts illustrate the behavior of an instrument over time. Past behavior can be seen and using technical analysis, speculators attempt to determine future behavior of the instrument.

Are withdrawals instant?

As per our terms and conditions, all withdrawals may take up to 3 business days to be processed provided we have received all necessary documentation to process the withdrawal.

Copy Trading – How To?

CopyTrade is the most powerful feature of eToro.

It enables you to see what real people are trading in real-time, find and follow the traders you like, and most importantly, Copy their trading activity in one single “click.”

The CopyTrader, powered by eToro, is changing the way people trade as it enables you to build a real people-based portfolio:

$100 is the minimum amount to invest in a trader.

100 is the maximum amount of traders you can copy simultaneously.

– The maximum amount you can invest in a trader is $500,000.

– The minimum amount for a copied trade is $1; trades below this amount will not open.

A few important things:

1.You can copy others in your virtual portfolio.

2.Only real portfolios can be copied.

How do I Deposit via Credit Card?

To deposit using a credit or debit card, please click the “Credit Card” option and enter the following details:

  1. Your card number
  2. Your card’s expiry date
  3. The CVV code (3 digits on the reverse side of your credit/debit card)

Within minutes, your account should be credited with the funds. If your request is not approved for any reason, you will be notified via email.

The transaction will show as ‘eToro (Europe) Ltd.’ in the financial statement of your payment provider.

Depositing into my trading account

Simply click here to deposit!

Depositing is quick and easy. There are various payment methods at your disposal, you may choose whichever method you prefer, and follow the instructions below:

  • Login to the trading platform
  • Click on ‘Deposit Funds’
  • Enter the amount and the currency
  • Select your preferred deposit method

How can I change my account details?

In order to make changes to your account details please contact us by opening a ticket.

How can I stop copying someone?

You can easily stop copying an investor by simply closing the CopyTrader row on the WebTrader platform. For each CopyTrader action you’ll see a row displaying the investor you copied and a “close” button to the right.

Alternatively you can stop copying the trader from your Openbook Portfolio. Please note that any open trades that you have copied from this investor will automatically be closed as well.

What do I purchase when I buy stocks on eToro?

Please note that eToro uses CFDs for stock trading, and a CFD stands for Contract for Difference. CFDs are specialized and popular Over The Counter (OTC) financial products that allow traders to easily take broad market positions in a variety of different financial markets. This means that when you close your position, eToro will pay you the amount representing the difference between your BUY and SELL price for each stock.  It also means that we are obligated to follow price movements, and look at our client’s P&L according to what really happened in the market on the same instrument which allows trading indices, commodities and other instruments without actually buying all the stocks of a specific index or a physical commodity.

Keep in mind that you do not actually own the stocks or hold any rights shareholders have.

What is Take Profit?

A Take Profit order is an order to close a trade when the market moves a specified amount in favor of the position.Take Profit helps you to ensure the profit in case the market moves the way you expected. You are able to adjust your take profit rate according to the position rate or to an amount.The position will then be closed in case of reached rate/amount.

How do I Start?

Welcome to the exciting world of social trading.

learn how to verify your account, deposit, and withdraw your funds.

By the way, you can always contact us on our Customer Service Wall, or type your question above.

Does eToro offer Islamic accounts?

Here at eToro, we are able to offer Islamic accounts in accordance with the Sharia law. The benefits of an Islamic account are:

  • No interest on settlement for more than 24 hours, Zero-rollover interest consistently.
  • No additional commission on rollover for more than 24 hours.
  • No charges, commissions or fees on account management, with the only revenues coming strictly from the spreads (the difference between the ‘ask’ and ‘bid’ prices of a currency pair).

Should this account be of interest to you, the procedure to open an eToro Islamic account requires:

  • Registering for a real account and investing a minimum of $1000 USD.
  • Providing identification documents, in order to complete your account verification.

Does eToro charge withdrawal fees?

Yes, withdrawal requests are subjected to a withdrawal processing fee depending on the requested amount. You will see the actual withdrawal fee in the Cashier after you have entered the withdrawal amount; at this point you still can abort the request.

The following are the withdrawal fees:

   Withdrawal Amount (USD)  

Fee (USD)

  20.00 – 200.00    5.00
  200.01 – 500.00   10.00
  500.01 +   25.00

Any withdrawals sent in currencies other than USD are subject to conversion fees. Details of our fees can be found here: Fees Please note, you may be charged by the funding provider involved in the transfer (Intermediary bank, receiving bank, or your credit card provider).

Why can’t I login ?

It seems that you cannot enter your trading account.

Before opening a support ticket, we would like to check the following:

1. Have you entered your username and password correctly?

2. Are you receiving any error messages?

You might also find the following steps helpful:

1. Close your browser cache

2. Try to login again

3.Try using another browser (IE, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome etc…).

4.Check your internet connectivity

– Make sure you are not already connected in another window or platform.

How can I close/sell my stock position(s)?

To sell your positions, simply:

  1. Log into your account and click on “Portfolio“.
  2. Click on the instrument line you wish to close.
  3. In the pop up window, click on the red X, and select “Close Trade“.
  4. Your request will be executed during market hours.

What is eToro?

We are a social trading and multi asset brokerage company that has registered offices in Cyprus, Israel and the United Kingdom.

eToro allows its users to watch the financial trading activity of other users, copy them, and to make their own trades. Clients allow their trades to be uploaded to the eToro network where they can be displayed in a number of statistical ways, such as by the amount of profit made. Other users can then set their accounts to follow these traders, in which case the eToro system will duplicate each trade made in the followers account.

eToro provides its services in stocks, currencies, commodities, and stock indices through its own electronic trading platform so that it can record and place trades for its users.

See who is trading what in real-time, follow the best performing traders and automatically copy what the best traders do.

Do I need to have an eToro trading account to be a Popular Investor?


By having your own trading account you are able to show your trading strategy! Gaining copiers shows that other traders trust you to make trading decisions for them based your performance.

What are eToro Partners’ commission plans by default?

Our default commission plans are: 25% RevShare or $200 DCPA

For more information, you can check out our commission plans.

How are Popular Investors paid?

Popular Investors are paid once per month via their trading account.

The funds are then withdrawn to their preferred means of payment (for example: Bank account, PayPal, eToro Debit Card or many other options), unless they wish to keep the funds in their account.

The payment is based according to their Popular Investor level, which is determined by the number of average daily verified copiers that they have, their own average account equity and their AUM (Assets Under Management – the total amount of eligible copiers funds copying them, including the P&L of open positions).

What is a FTD?

A FTD is a First Time Deposit which occurs when your referred trader makes its first deposit with real money.

What is eToro’s Popular Investor program?

eToro is the world’s leading marketplace for the next generation of traders and investors. You can earn directly from online trading by leading 5 million social traders worldwide and getting paid as a new generation of fund manager when they copy your investments. Popular Investors may earn fixed payments and up to 2% of their annual assets under management (AUM). These payments are in addition to any profits made from their own trading. Our most successful Popular Investors also enjoy a 100% spread rebate on all their trades. Please note the requirements to join the program: 1. Your account must be verified (can be completed by clicking here) 2. You must have at least 1 copier at the time of application 3. Deposit at least $1,00 in the account 4. You must share your:   – Real name   – Real photo   – Basic background information in your eToro profile5. Apply to the program by clicking the ‘Apply now’ button in the following link:

How does the eToro Partners program work?

Each time a visitor clicks on one of your partner links, he/she is directed to eToro’s site where he/she can see our Social Investment Network, register as an eToro user and fund his/her trading account. The eToro Partners program tracks your referred traffic and then pays you according to your chosen commission plan.

Why should I trade with eToro?

eToro is an online financial trading platform and community unlike any other. Aside from our unbeatable trading conditions, it’s our innovative platform that will really knock your socks off.

If you’re new to financial trading you’re sure to get a kick out of our amazing trade visualizations, and you might just end up picking up some trading skills as you go along. We then apply the same simple and innovative approach to our advanced trading interfaces, chock full of all the trading tools a professional trader may need. The end result is that whatever your experience in trading may be, you’ll find the eToro platform inventive and easy to use.

Where is eToro located?

eToro has offices in Tel Aviv (Israel), Limassol (Cyprus), London (UK), Sydney (Australia) and Road Town (Tortola, British Virgin Island).

Is eToro regulated?

Yes, we are!

eToro’s brokering services are provided by eToro (Europe) Ltd., a registered Cypriot Investment Firm (CIF). The company’s registration number is HE20058.

eToro is also regulated by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC) under license number 109/10, and by eToro (UK) Ltd. which is a registered company in the UK (company registration number 7973792). In the UK, eToro is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), under firm reference number 583263.

eToro (Europe) Ltd. and eToro (UK) Ltd. both operate under and comply with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID).

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

In order to retrieve your password, kindly follow these simple steps:

1. Click “Forgot your password?“.

2. Enter your eToro registered email address.

3.Click Submit

An email will be sent to the provided email address with a unique reset password link.

·        The link can be used once and is valid for 24 hours only.

·        Once your password has been changed, simply login with your new password.

* If you used a different email than the one you registered with, your password will not be retrieved.

Can I get my traders’ details?

Due to privacy regulations we are not permitted to disclose such information.

What does the equity represent?

The Equity represents the state of your account if you were to close all of your open positions. It includes the account balance + used margin + unrealized profits and losses.

The ‘used margin’ is the allocated or invested funds being traded in open positions, or in pending orders.

Please note, the Equity does not include deductions due to spread.

Cash equity, on the other hand, is the total value of the unrealized real funds.

Why can’t I promote in the US?

eToro is in the middle of negotiations with NFA licensed brokers. For the moment we cannot accept any real US traders but any they are welcomed to use the demo trading account.

Are the buy and sell orders executed in real time?

Buy and Sell orders Are executed in real time.

Select any one of the 800 stocks currently offered, in real-time, using our trading platforms.

Click here for more details.

How do I change my payment information and account details?

For security reasons, you are not able to undertake any changes.

In order to edit your payment information or account details,  please contact your personal partner manager directly or the eToro Partners team at

Is there a minimum amount that is needed for me to receive my partner earnings?

The minimum amount for a transfer by eWallets is $100. For a transfer by wire transfer the minimum amount is $500.

Popular Investor requirements and rewards


1. You must have at least one copier

2. The minimum deposit is $1,000

3. The minimum average equity should be $500

What are the rewards?

  • 20% spread rebate! ALL spread rebate payments will be paid as realwithdrawable funds, instead of eToro Credits.

Rising Star 

1. You must have at least 50 copiers

2. The minimum deposit is $5,000

3.The minimum average equity should be $1,000

What are the rewards?

  • 30% spread rebate! ALL spread rebate payments will be paid as realwithdrawable funds, instead of eToro Credits.
  • A monthly payment of $500!
  • Free free withdrawals


1. You must have 250 copiers

2. The minimum deposit is $5,000

3. The minimum average equity should be $5,000

What are the rewards?

  • 50% spread rebate! ALL spread rebate payments will be paid as realwithdrawable funds, instead of eToro Credits.
  • A monthly payment of $1,000!
  • Free free withdrawals


1. You must have at least $300,000 AUM (Assets Under Management)

2. The minimum deposit is $20,000

3. The minimum average equity should be $10,000

What are the rewards?

  • 100% spread rebate! ALL spread rebate payments will be paid as realwithdrawable funds, instead of eToro Credits.
  • A monthly payment of $1,000, plus %2 of the AUM
  • Free free withdrawals

For more information, visit the following link: *The calculation for spread rebates is based on the spreads paid in your own trading during the previous calendar month.

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